This page covers:

  • Viewing existing planning applications
  • Trees
  • Making a planning application


Existing planning applications may be viewed here:


Note from Ed French - Burpham Village Committee (Planning)

One aspect of planning that always raises a lot of queries is the question of "tree work".  Whilst I am very happy to answer any queries you might have in this regard, this piece of information will actually answer a lot of questions:  : “You do not need to give notice of work on a tree in a conservation area if the tree is  less than 7.5 centimetres in diameter, measured 1.5 metres above the ground (or 10 centimetres if thinning to help the growth of other trees.”  This website might also give you some information:

This is the link to the South Downs National Park Tree page for permission etc


Message from Ed French – Burpham Village Committee (Planning)

Our villages of Burpham and Wepham can be defined by the informal layout of the houses, the prominent role of flint and the meandering nature of the street. Our small oasis at the end of the Burpham road integrates us with the surrounding agriculture and ancient downland. Whilst it is clear how remote we are, the effects of severe weather can highlight this point, and also attract many visitors to our beautiful surroundings.

Whilst acknowledging that planning will always continue to be one of the most emotive and divisive issues that we encounter, sympathetic and timely communication is vital whilst a solution is sought. We have become accustomed to being in a conservation area and the restrictions that this places upon us, especially since April 2011 when we became part of the South Downs National Park. Since 1 April 2012 this body now handles and processes any planning permission requests and I would recommend study of their website prior to submission of any application. There are substantial controls and restrictions that we are all subject to, but with dialogue and flexibility a mutually agreeable proposal can generally be achieved that satisfies the overriding aim of planning: that is to allow the village to evolve at a gentle and sympathetic manner.

Whilst it is commonplace to employ firms to manage a building scheme, recent experience has suggested that frequently they are not totally familiar with the extra requirements of works within such a stunning area. At any stage of the planning process, please feel free to contact me. If I do not know the answer I will endeavour to find out or offer guidance based on case history. I can be contacted on 884459 or I always aim to gather both negative and positive views of any proposed development so that the Committee can then try accurately to reflect the opinions of the village.