About the Parish Meeting and Village Committee

Burpham Parish Meeting

The Parish meeting exists to discuss parish affairs and to conduct a number of statutory functions, such as (but not limited to) alteration of boundaries and rights of way, management of allotments, and appointment of trustees to parochial charities. It can also be an interested party in licensing applications, provide lighting for roads, and manage open spaces, include prosecuting others for encroachment. The Parish Meeting precepts the District Council for funds, and its use of those funds is audited and presented in annual Accounts. An AGM takes place between 1st March and 1st June each year.

The Chairman is Paul Challen, who can be contacted by the village mail, burphamandwepham@gmail.com

Burpham Village Committee

Burpham Village Committee is the short name for a charity whose full title is 'Burpham Village Hall and Recreation Ground' (Charity no. 305349).

Currently (Autumn 2019) a Charitable Incorporated Organisation is being set up (Charity no. 1185796) into which it is hoped to transfer the assets of the original charity. The new charity is not yet carrying out any activities. For the time being, the original charity carries out all relevant activities.