Warningcamp Relief in Sickness Charity

About the Warningcamp Relief in Sickness Charity (charity no. 214382)

Founded before the days of the NHS, the Trust - as we prefer to call it -  benefits  the residents of Burpham, Warningcamp, Poling and Lyminster,  represented by Trustees in each village.  We include Wepham and Crossbush, although these are not specified in the official Scheme.


We have made donations to local hospices serving these villages and made financial grants to individuals in special circumstances.  However, today most help is given for transport to surgeries, hospitals and  pharmacies using the  local taxi service.  There is no charge to the patient but an early request for  transport to the telephone number below would be appreciated.

The Charity also funds the Aid Call alarm system for those who would benefit from knowing 2 neighbours of the control system would help in the case of an emergency – no age limit.  Telephone numbers of 2 neighbours, or friends close by, must be provided.  A representative of Aid Call would call to assess the best place to site a telephone point and the range of reception.  If you would like to have this service, or indeed have any questions on Warningcamp Relief in Sickness, please call any of:

Gill Baynes 01903 883667 (Burpham & Wepham)
Lorraine Read 01903 884942 (Poling)
Ann Bush 01903 882974 (Warningcamp)
Karen Dales 01903 882555 (Lyminster)


Ann Bush - Chairman

Lorraine Read - Secretary 

William Tyler - Treasurer