Last updated 1 April 2020

This page will hold local information for Burpham and Wepham during the covid-19 coronavirus epidemic.

It does not reproduce information on other pages of the website - for example, the contacts page, or the newsletter page.

Updated regularly - scroll down beneath the second set of asterisks for latest information.

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Village email and whatsapp group

The village email is a good way of keeping up with local news. You can sign up here. Emails related to coronavirus are archived at the bottom of this page.

If you are a village resident, you can join the village whatsapp group: email us at

General advice

The best place for general health advice is

The government's general advice is here

Keeping in touch using technology

Jackie Penticost has written an overview of what is available to help keep in touch.

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Ferring nurseries  (1 April 2020)

A note from Simon Lay about deliveries from Ferring nurseries

Closure of businesses (31 March 2020)

A list of which businesses must close, very clearly written, is at this government website.

Prohibition of movement rules (28 March 2020)

The latest legislation of which we are aware on general prohibition of movement, coming into force on 26 March, is here. It is very clearly written. The section on 'prohibition on movement' is on page 4, section 6. On 27 March the Government clarified the rules about travelling for exercise, saying here that you should "stay local and use open spaces near to your home where possible – do not travel unnecessarily"

What is each supermarket doing (25 March 2020 but probably automatically updates)

Useful BBC article on what's allowed and not e.g. car MOT (25 March 2020)

Coronavirus questions BBC article 25 March

Household waste (23 March 2020)

Household waste recycling sites across West Sussex have been closed. Household collections continue as normal. For the status of other services, see

The George (23 March 2020)

The George at Burpham is temporarily closed until further notice.

BBC article - what are shops doing about stockpiling (19 March)

Useful BBC report of 19 March on what different shops are doing about stockpiling, giving details for some of the major supermarkets.

Those in their seventies (18 March 2020)

The Chief Scientific Officer has given his thoughts on what self-isolation means for those in their seventies. This is a four minute video clip.

Ibuprofen (18 March 2020)

The BBC is reporting on 17 March that the NHS now recommends paracetamol to treat the symptoms of coronavirus (unless your doctor has told you paracetamol is not suitable for you). But if you are already taking ibuprofen on the advice of a doctor, you should not stop taking it.

There is fake news circulating on this subject by whatsapp and text, purporting to come from medics.

Arun District Council Coronavirus website (21 March 2020)

The Arun District Council Coronavirus website is at

West Sussex Coronavirus website (18 March 2020)

The West Sussex County council website on the impact of coronavirus in the county is here:

Government scientific advice (20 March)

The Government has published the scientific advice it has received in making its decisions.

More government information

Archive of village emails related to coronavirus

Numbered when from BVC & PCC

email: 31 march 2020 VILLAGE QUIZ NIGHT

email 4: 29 march 2020 (about shopping)

email 3: 25 march 2020

email: 23 march 2020 (about shopping)

email 2: 19 march 2020

email 1: 17 march 2020