Over the years, Burpham and Wepham have attracted several writers to live here, or visit regularly.

Mervyn Peake, the author, lived nearby for a time, and is buried in the churchyard.  John Galsworthy did not live here, but wrote of the walk from Arundel station to Burpham and wandering through the village down past the chalk pit and Jacob's ladder to the river. Edward Lear visited the nearby hamlet of Peppering on several occasions, and made a few pencil sketches, as well as writing some verse about the poor roads. J.C. Powys lived here several months each year from 1902 until probably sometime during the 1920s, and there are reminiscences of his time in Burpham here and here.

Tickner Edwardes, who wrote on nature, bee-keeping and village life, as well as novels such as 'Tansy' made his home in the village for many years, and later was vicar here in the 1920s and 30s. He too is buried in the churchyard. His book Neighbourhood is a fictionalised account of life in the village through each month in the year, whilst his A Downland Year gives short country-side sketches for each day of the year.

It is sometimes said that James Hurdis, the poet, lived in Burpham; but in fact his home was at Burwash, a different place entirely.

You can find out more in the book by Bernard Smith and Peter Haas, Writers in Sussex.